for Handheld Devices

Media Maestro Mini brings you the same great remote control features of Maestro LSX in a screen size perfect for your Sony Playstation Portable (PSP), Nokia  Tablet or Mobile Device.



Turn your Sony PSP or Nokia web tablet into an Apple  iTunes or Windows Media Player Remote in 3 easy steps.


1. Install Media Maestro on your Home

Computer.  (where iTunes or WMP is installed)

2.  Connect your Computer to your stereo or

receiver.   (Wired or Wirelessly)

3. Open Maestro Mini in your  web browser.

Setup and Connect your PSP to Maestro

Setup and Connect your Nokia web tablet






System Requirements

Maestro Server System (Home Computer)

Windows XP or 32-bit Vista

500Mhz Pentium or better

256MB RAM Minimum

iTunes or Windows Media Player


Maestro Mini Client

Sony PSP with wireless connection

or Nokia Web Tablet (800,810)

Windows Mobile 5 device running Adobe Flash


Additional server requirements for Video

2GHz Pentium or better

512MB RAM Minimum

32MB Video RAM


Watch Media Maestro Mini in action.

This video shows Maestro Mini running on a Sony Playstation Portable:

As you make selections and adjustments via your PSP, the music playing out of your computer's speakers (or stereo) changes.


Media Maestro Mini Takes a Dip

Next time you make a splash, eliminate the need to get out of the pool, towel yourself dry, and slosh through the house to change an album or control the volume.

Add a waterproof case to your Sony PSP and enjoy Maestro control from your hot tub or raft.


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