Allows you to remotely control all the digital media stored in your PC library

(iTunes or Windows Media Player) from any room in your home.


Gives you the ability to instantly edit playlists, change tracks, adjust the volume, and more -

All this without having to walk to your PC or plug in your iPod.


Maestro Clients can be any of hundreds of  standard devices connected wired or wirelessly to your network. You may already own one.


Maestro Client Examples:   (What is a Maestro Client? )

Maestro clients use the device's internet browser, so there is nothing to install.

PocketPC Tablet PC PSP HTPC


Maestro Set-up Examples:


PC Direct to Stereo

All your music plays directly from your PC through your stereo or receiver

Add a Maestro Client to remotely control your PC (wired or wireless)


PC to Remote Speakers or Stereo

Music is sent from your PC (wired or wireless) to a remote set of speakers or stereo

Add a Maestro Client to remotely control your media

Your media controls are where you are listening - no more hiking to the PC


View More Setup Examples

 Watch Media Maestro LSX in action.


This video shows some of the basic features of Media Maestro:

Playing tracks or playlists

Browsing your library

Creating playlists on the fly

Searching your library using Spotlight

Viewing all tracks currently queued for play

Enjoying the Music Show

Using pop-up controls on any screen



 Take a peek as "The Hands" family juggles work and play.


This video highlights the ability to use Media Maestro from multiple locations in your home.

As you interact with Maestro in one room, all your other Maestro clients will automatically update to show the changes.   (Video hosted by YouTube)


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