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Have a question about how other Homeowners are using Maestro?  Looking for a new tip or trick?  Check out the Maestro forum on the HomeSeer website.  The forum is a fantastic community and a great place to meet other Maestro owners who may have had some of your same questions.

In addition, the forum is often monitored by Harmony Solutions representatives who will often post answers for the benefit of the entire community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Maestro FAQ contains many of the questions we have compiled from different users.  In addition it includes excerpts from the manual regarding some of Maestro's most commonly accessed features.

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The Manuals

The Maestro Manual is the first stop for questions about Maestro's many capabilities.  It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with those manuals that discuss your loaded modules.

You may not only find answers to your questions, but also features you had not yet discovered.

The Maestro manual will not be downloaded with your installation files to avoid a large download.

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Still need an answer?

If your question has not been answered in the Maestro Manual, Maestro Forum, or our FAQ, please submit your question to:


Support requests will generally be answered within 24hrs or less.








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