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What are Modules?

Modules are screens, or groups of screens, in Maestro that allow you to control certain aspects of your home. 

For example: You may have an automated sprinkler system, but are not currently using an automated thermostat.  In this case you would want to purchase the Irrigation module, but wait to add the Heat/Air module till a later date.  This modular approach will allow you to add new modules to your system as your needs change. 

In addition, new modules are always being created to add control and convenience to Maestro.  Each new module follows the same simple navigation concepts, and provides a consistent look and feel.

This makes learning new modules easy for you, and virtually eliminates the need to spend a lot of time learning the custom control interfaces that come with many of today’s new products.

The Maestro Heat & Air module gives you all the reliability of a traditional thermostat with the flexibility of a programmable thermostat.  Easy to read displays and onscreen instructions makes controlling your thermostats  a breeze.  More...




The Maestro Lighting module allows you to easily create custom scenes including lights, fans, and appliances.  Maestro can make your home look occupied while your on vacation; or  turn your evening lights on at sunset for a safe arrival home.   More...
Irrigation (Sprinklers)
The Maestro Irrigation module helps you keep your plants healthy while conserving water.  You can create dozens of separate schedules; watering each zone by day of the week, every other day, every second day, and more.   Have Maestro add a little extra water to your garden without disturbing any of your schedules.      More...


Awareness (Cameras & Sensors)


The Maestro Awareness module gives you instant alerts and live streaming camera feeds.  Let Maestro keep an eye on things for you while your away. Be reminded the garage door is open, or have Maestro announce you have a guest at the front door.  More...


Upcoming modules...
Security Panel integration

Pool & Spa control

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Music (iTunes and Windows Media Player Control)
The Maestro Music Module gives you control of your entire music collection stored on your HomeSeer server.  You can create playlists, rate tracks, and access all standard stereo controls from any Maestro client in your home. 

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For control of players and libraries loaded on any other computer in your home network, check out Media Maestro LSX.


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