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Heat & Air (Thermostat Control)




As with other Maestro modules, this home control also works with industry-standard wired and wireless hardware.  As a result, Maestro’s Temperature Control allows for specific home customization in a manageable and attainable fashion.

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With Maestro’s Temperature Control, your constant comfort becomes the rule, not the exception.  As with other Harmony Home modules, this module gives the family a variety of ways to control the climate within the home including traditional wall units, web tablets, PCs and other handheld devices.  Because adjusting the temperature doesn’t only have to occur across the house at the nearest thermostat, convenience is no longer inconvenient. 


Peace of mind and flexibility are just two lifestyle enhancements this module’s features bring into a home.  Remote access allows you to set your thermostat from any internet connection.  Use Maestro to build events that automatically adjust your thermostat without loosing manual control.  Set Maestro to watch for a Minimum and Maximum temperature, and your thermostat will move between cool and heat to stay in your selected range.



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