Do you currently own HomeSeer? 

Are you looking to automate your home as a "Do it yourself" project?


After installing HomeSeer, simply visit the updater and download your copy of Maestro.  After answering a few simple questions, Maestro will customize itself to your needs.  Your devices and events will be automatically pulled into Maestro eliminating the need to program hundreds of buttons yourself.

Maestro lets you spend more time automating, and less time trying to be a graphic artist and programmer.


Buy Maestro Here.


Have Maestro Installed Professionally

With the wide array of home technologies available today, it can often become confusing when trying to select the right product set for you.  Harmony Solutions recommends using a certified installer to help you build the design that fits your needs and budget.

To be contacted by an installer in your area, please send the following information to Quote@harmony-home.com:


    Contact Phone Number

    e-mail address

    Estimated date of installation

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