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With the built-in Alerts Page, Maestro will notify the homeowner each time a motion sensor is tripped.  As a result, the family will truly maintain situational awareness in and around their house.  Perhaps the greatest benefit, you and yours will enjoy the increased peace of mind that comes with being able to check in and around your home, whether or not you are there.

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Awareness (Cameras & Sensors)


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Maestro’s Awareness module gives the homeowner an increased visibility of those high-priority areas both indoors and out.  Utilizing cameras and/or motion sensors, the family can maintain knowledge of the activities in and around their home, without walking the entire property.

Place a camera on Maestro’s home screen, and receive an immediate real-time feed of any area you have placed a camera. Monitor the baby’s room, see who rang the door bell, ensure the garage door is closed, see if the kids made their curfew, check on your vacation home at the lake, or check your home’s condition while on your family vacation.   


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