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Designed to work with industry-standard wired and wireless hardware such as X-10 and Z-Wave; Maestro’s Lighting module allows for specific home customization, while utilizing the hardware you are most familiar and comfortable with today.  

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Maestro’s Lighting Control module transforms your home; magnifying not only the ease of your lighting management, but also the beauty within it.  With multiple ways to control lighting including wall switches, PCs, web tablets, and other handheld devices, homeowners gain the ability to create numerous scenes and settings with the touch of a button. 
You can use Maestro to create custom events that set your lights for just the right mood.  Automatically triggered events can bring your lights on at Sunset everyday, or make your house look occupied while on vacation.

Events are created using simple drag and drop screens with intuitive prompts; allowing you to spend less time programming your lights, and more time enjoying them.


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