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Irrigation (Sprinklers)

Manually run the sprinklers from the comfort of the living room, or cancel a scheduled watering from work when there is an unexpected rain fall.  Night or day, winter or summer, the Maestro realizes your home’s irrigation upkeep with the touch of a button. 

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 Maestro’s Irrigation Module revolutionizes the management of your landscaping.  Designed to keep lawns lush and gardens blooming, this module also keeps water conservation a top priority.  Created for simpler use than the standard garage programming unit, Maestro eliminates the frustration that comes with walking outside to manually adjust the watering cycles. 

With the ability to customize any number of watering zones on a schedule set by the homeowner, time and money are just two of the savings benefits.  Maestro lets you forget where zone 3 is by using user defined names such as Back Right Plant Bed. 

Use Maestro to easily meet water conservation guidelines.  Water on Odd or Even days, every other, 2nd, or 3rd day.


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