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More Frequently Asked Questions

What is Picture Mode?

Picture mode allows Maestro to display pictures from a directory on your HomeSeer server when the display is not in use.


How do I turn picture mode On or Off?

You can turn Picture Mode on and off in the Settings section of Maestro.


How do I change how long it takes picture mode to start?

You can change how long Maestro waits to start displaying pictures by changing the "Start Delay" time set under Pictures in settings.


How do I change how long Maestro displays a picture before moving to the next one?

You can change how long Maestro waits by changing the "Picture Interval" time set under Pictures in settings.


How can I add pictures to picture mode?

Pictures can be added to Maestro by copying them into the folder set for your picture mode.  By default the folder will be in your HomeSeer directory at the following location:


Maestro can currently display pictures in .jpg or .jpeg format


How can I change which directory Maestro looks in for pictures?

You can change the directory using the Maestro Administration screens.  Maestro currently does not support using files outside of the homeface directory.  Future releases of Maestro will allow for pictures being stored in external storage or across a network.


How do I get out of Picture Mode?

You can exit Picture mode by pressing or clicking anywhere on the screen.  We recommend pressing in the bottom right hand corner of the screen to avoid accidentally pressing any buttons when Maestro ends Picture Mode.


Do I have to wait for Picture Mode to start on its own?

No.  You can start Picture Mode at anytime by pressing the Picture Mode menu button on the Home Screen.






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